There are a variety of industry leading waterproofing systems for your specific home! From lifetime warrantied interior systems involving sump pump systems to exterior foundation sealing we have you covered. 

What Causes Water In The Basement?

Heavy rains, overflowing gutters, and gutter downspouts dumping at the foundation can all cause the soil against your foundation to become oversaturated and inevitably lead to foundation leaks inside of your home. 

Over time the initial waterproofing system can become clogged and deteriorate. A foundation drain system captures the excess water against the base of your foundation wall and disperses it away from the house. This also reduces what is called hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure forces water inside of your home. When an exterior drain system fails, it creates a “false water table” underneath your foundation walls. This false water table causes water to be forced into your basement with the help of hydrostatic pressure. 


Signs of a Leaking Basement

Often enough, knowing you have a water intrusion issue in your basement isn't as easy as noticing a puddle of water on the floor. In many instances, water intrusion issues go unnoticed for long periods of time until they become a serious issue. Some common signs of a basement that's in need of waterproofing include



  • Condensation on cool surfaces

  • Groundwater leaks

  • Standing water

  • Wall discoloration

  • Efflorescence (white, chalky powder) on walls

  • Wall cracks

  • Mold or mildew

  • High humidity

  • Musty odors

  • Continuously-running dehumidifier

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Carbon Fiber Straps

carbon fiber sheets are installed with specially engineered bonding adhesives. Once adhered to the wall or structure, it becomes one through an intense chemical reaction that makes the finished product 10x stronger than steel.

epoxy / urethane injections
Cracked poured concrete foundation walls can be repaired by injecting the crack with a hydrophilic urethane or epoxy. This repair seals the crack internally.
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Interior drain system
To resolve water intrusion in your basement, The most common repair is an interior drain system. We install a subsurface drain system that is sloped towards a sump pump or gravity feed to discharge the water outside and away from  the home. This repair guarantees a lifetime warranty.
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Exterior Drain system

To resolve a leaking basement from the exterior, we dig down to the footing and seal the walls and footing with a waterproofing membrane
At the footing, we install a drainage system to direct the water away from the foundation and backfill back to grade level.

Client Testimonials

Brian Rogers

Nate's customer service is top notch.  Very accommodating, super easy to work with.  Very up front when he explained the job and pricing.  He gave us a couple of options for the job to work with our budget.  The final price was what he quoted, no surprises.  I definitely recommend him

Triple C Waterproofing did an excellent job on our crawlspace. Very professional guys and at a very affordable price. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Nate was aware of our time crunch and came out the same day I called. Nate was courteous, prompt and very professional. He went right to work and had a report to us the next day. I would recommend Nate and his company to anyone. He KNOWS his business.

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Financing Available

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