Crawl Space Solutions

Crawlspace Repair

A healthy crawlspace contributes to a healthier living space throughout your home. Crawlspaces are notorious for having mold, water intruions issues, and high moisture contents. This in turn causes unhealthy air quality in your living environment, mold, and floor joist deterioration.

Removing Water from my crawl space

If water is leaking into the crawlspace, an interior drain system may be needed to capture the water and direct it outside and away from the home. This would involve installing drain tile and a  sump pump system inside the crawlspace to pump water out.


Floor Joist Repair


At Triple C Waterproofing, we understand the importance of having a safe and stable flooring structure inside of your home. Your home is your investment and your family’s safety is your priority. We offer services to install jacks to stabilize / level floors, floor joist repair, and crawlspace moisture control services. Triple C Waterproofing offers effective and comprehensive floor joist and foundation repair services in North Georgia. Don’t let your home’s integrity degrade. 



  • Cracks in interior drywall, cracks in foundation walls, or cracks in flooring

  • Tilting or sinking crawl space supports

  • Moist, rotting, or moldy wood

  • There aren’t enough floor supports for your home

  • Sagging, sloping, and uneven floors

  • Loud and creaky floorboards

  • Musty or moldy smells

  • Shifting or bouncing floors

  • Cupping hardwood flooring, cracked tile flooring, or bubbling linoleum flooring

      There a three major causes for degraded floor joists


Water damage

Excessive moisture

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Total Encapsulation Systems

Crawl space encapsulation refers to the process of waterproofing, insulating, and sealing the crawl space to eliminate moisture and high humidity issues. The combination of installing an effective drainage system, insulating the crawl space, sealing floors and walls, and adequately dehumidifying the air not only prevents groundwater or wall moisture from entering the crawl space, but it also regulates crawl space humidity and temperature, often making it the most regulated and climate-controlled area in your home!

What Are the Benefits of Encapsulating Your Crawl Space? 

Improved Air Quality

Added Storage Space

Increased Energy Efficiency

Uninhabitable Space for Pests

Protects Against Structural Damage

Prevents Mold Growth

Added Storage Space

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Vapor barrier / debris removal/Insulation

We offer crawl space rehabilitation. When faced with a nasty damp crawl space, we will remove all of the debris / trash and install 6-12mil vapor barrier. The vapor barrier is commonly required when selling / buying a home. Very frequently, homes that are in need of a crawl space rehab, majority of the debris is fallen / falling insulation. Here at Triple C Waterproofing, not only can and will remove all debris and replace your vapor barrier, but we can also replace the fallen insulation or all of it if necessary. 

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Client Testimonials

Brian Rogers

Nate's customer service is top notch.  Very accommodating, super easy to work with.  Very up front when he explained the job and pricing.  He gave us a couple of options for the job to work with our budget.  The final price was what he quoted, no surprises.  I definitely recommend him

Triple C Waterproofing did an excellent job on our crawlspace. Very professional guys and at a very affordable price. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Nate was aware of our time crunch and came out the same day I called. Nate was courteous, prompt and very professional. He went right to work and had a report to us the next day. I would recommend Nate and his company to anyone. He KNOWS his business.

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