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A homeowners guide

As a home owner, there are a couple things you can do to keep your basement dry. Gutters as much as homeowners dread maintaining them, are important to keep cleaned and maintained. They are your first line of defense between saturated and oversaturated soil against your foundation. We recommend extending your gutter downspouts at least 4ft away from your foundation. Various home improvement stores carry cost effective and easy to install downspout extension. However, it is a service we also provide. 

    Window and door sills are also another often overlooked point of water intrusion. If you have old rotting windows/doors we recommend replacing them. The biggest point of intrusion from around a window or door frame is where the door/window casing meets the siding/facia of your home. We recommend sealing this transition to prevent water from getting behind the casing and ultimately rotting your house’s framing, or worse causing mold behind the sheetrock. 


There is a variety of industry leading waterproofing systems for your specific home! From lifetime warrantied interior systems involving sump pump systems to exterior foundation sealing we have you covered. At Triple C Waterproofing, we offer free inspections, during which we thoroughly assess your property for potential causes of basement water intrusion issues. After inspecting the intrusion issues and the factors causing them, we will make suggestions based on your best interests. Our goal is always to provide the best customer service possible!



Most basement water problems start with issues on the outside of the home. If your property’s water management system is not up-to-standard, it can cause many problems for your home’s foundation and basement.

Inadequate Drainage Drainage and gutters

The leading cause of foundation waterproofing damage is due to gutter/downspout issues? Without proper maintenance, gutters will overflow and allow rainwater to spill right over your gutters or behind the fascia boards. If your gutter downspouts are not properly extended to divert water away efficiently, water will pool up around your foundation walls and will  find its way into your home’s foundation.


The slope of your yard should force groundwater to naturally drain away from your foundation. However, some houses are built on sites that rest at the bottom of a hill, meaning that groundwater actually flows towards the home. This is detrimental to the home’s structure, as overtime, it causes water to pool around your foundation. With an increase in soil over saturation and enough hydrostatic pressure on the wall, your walls can crack and your basement can leak or flood. Many of these issues start as hairline cracks, but they will worsen over time, so it’s important to address wet basement issues sooner rather than later. 


Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is the result of inadequate grading, properly functioning gutter systems, and oversaturated soil. When excess water pools around your foundation, the soil starts to place thousands of pounds of excess pressure on your foundation walls. To alleviate the pressure, water will find the path of least resistance and will force its way through the smallest of openings in your foundation, whether that be hairline cracks or floor joints. This can eventually lead to basement leaks, floods, and if not addressed, structural foundation damage. 




Plumbing and Water Line Floods

When a plumbing or water line ruptures, it often leads to basement flooding. This can happen due to old plumbing and equipment, frozen pipes, sewage backup, or construction damage. The best way to catch a plumbing flood before it happens is to pay close attention to water pressure and your water bills—if you notice a drop in pressure or increase in utility cost, it may be due to a plumbing clog or leak.


Floor & Wall Cracks

Foundation floor and wall cracks are extremely common and often overlooked in basements. They provide excellent opportunities for water to seep into your basement. If the cracks are left unsealed, you risk water eroding cavities inside of your foundation walls. This can create extensive and expensive structural foundation repair work. 

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