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Don't let water ruin your foundation

If you’re having poor drainage around your home, you may end up needing a wet crawl space repair or a basement foundation repair. After removing water from your crawl space or basement, we design and install proper drainage solutions to keep your home dry moving forward. These can include downspout extensions, light grading around your foundation, drain boxes, french drains, catch basins, sump pumps, and more. If you have standing water in your yard, that can also cause problems and we have drainage solutions for that too! Our crawl space contractors primarily service the following North Georgia areas; Athens, Oakwood, Gainesville, Cornelia, and Jefferson.

Homeowner tips to help with drainage problems

You may not realize it, but there are things you can do to help. Keeping your gutters clean is an important preventative measure. If gutters get clogged, they can no longer do their job. And if this happens, rainwater can overflow and dump water directly onto the ground by your foundation. Over time this causes erosion and weakens your foundation. Another tip we share with homeowners is to be careful when planting around your foundation or adding hardscape. While you may not realize it, you could be altering the grade around your foundation and water could now be running towards your foundation instead of away from your foundation. This is a common mistake and can cost homeowners trouble down the road. Lastly, make sure downspouts are far enough away from your foundation.

What to do about standing water in your yard

Standing water can damage your yard, prevent grass from growing, and encourage insects, but it can also lead to problems with your foundation. Here’s how. Depending on the location of your standing water, this slow draining surface water becomes slow draining groundwater and can make its way towards your foundation days after it’s rained. Our drainage professionals can install the right drainage system so you no longer worry when a big storm rolls through.

Choose Triple C Waterproofing for your water removal and mitigation

Water-prone basements and crawl spaces are most times due to poor drainage, plain and simple. So if we find the source of water and redirect it away from your foundation, many times the problem is solved. Let’s work together to keep your foundation dry. Prevention is ideal and when you work with our team at Triple C Waterproofing in Commerce, GA, you’ll quickly learn we are on your side! Call us today at 678-772-5951 for an inspection.

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